Rescue One (Pty) Ltd. Terms and Conditions and Service Level Agreement

The following terms, conditions and exclusions shall govern the provision of the Rescue One Roadside Protection ("Service") in terms of ("The Agreement") between Rescue One and ("Subscribing Members"). Subscribing member is deemed to include the policyholder and immediate family as the policy holder. These terms and conditions shall be read with and deemed to be incorporated in ("The Service Level Agreement") that Rescue One has with its service providers, which shall apply hereto mutatis mutandis:

  1. Only validated policy holders are eligible for the Service. Valid policy holders are Subscribing Members of the Rescue One service whose subscription fees are paid up to date.
  2. The sole purpose of the Service is to minimize the risk upon arrival at the scene of injury to and/or attack of subscribing Members and other occupants of such member's vehicle or home when there is a possible home invasion.
  3. See Annexure A for Scope of Services provided
  4. The average response time is 30 minutes in all Urban and suburban areas of the major cities of South Africa inclusive of the Vaal Triangle. Arrival times vary based on proximity of incident to the nearest response unit and other extraneous factors like traffic conditions.
  5. The service response time in rural areas cannot be guaranteed and is done on a best effort basis. Arrival times vary based on proximity of incident to the nearest response unit and other extraneous factors like traffic conditions.
  6. The Service can only be requested by any subscriber who feels his life is at risk, whether on the road or at home.
  7. In order to obtain the Service, the Subscribing Member must download and activate the Rescue one application from the app or play store.
  8. In case of an emergency the Subscribing Member can only activate the Service by logging in to the ResQ1 App on his/her mobile device and selecting the type of emergency that is required.  The two options are Roadside Protection and Residence Assistance.
  9. The Service should only be used in conjunction with roadside assistance. In the event of Roadside assistance not being in place, our armed response on site protection time will be limited to 2 hours, thereafter Rescue One at its own discretion will decide to maintain the service or release the guards back to base.
  10. Rescue One will contact SAPS and/or Medical Assistance after they have arrived on the scene if required or based on the assessment done during the first call received from the Subscribing Member they might call for these services on route to the scene after dispatching the Armed Response Team to the scene.
  11. Possible delays to respond to a Subscribing Members' call-out, which are beyond Rescue One’s control, may be experienced in certain areas due to traffic patterns, weather conditions, peak service demands experienced by Rescue One or even road closure. To qualify for the Service the Subscribing Member must be present at the incident scene and may also be asked to produce personal identification.
  12. The attending response officer will not be permitted to provide the subscribing member any form of roadside assistance.
  13. The subscription period to the Service is a minimum period of one (1) year.
  14. Thirty (30) days written notice must be given to Rescue One to cancel the Service subscription.
  15. Subscription fees to the Service are non-refundable.
  16. Rescue One Membership is not transferable and the Subscribing Member shall not be entitled to cede, transfer or assign any of his rights to the Service in terms of these standard conditions. The Subscribing individual Member may not use his/her personal Membership to obtain assistance for a friend, family Member or business associate unless this is a specific benefit of the family policy.
  17. Rescue One reserves the right to amend these standard conditions at any time with 60 days prior notification, to enable Rescue One to notify subscribing members, at which time such amendment shall become effective and binding on the Subscribing Member.
  18. It is recorded and agreed that the services of Rescue One cannot guarantee safety or prevention of loss, liability, injury and damage of whatsoever nature and however arising. Accordingly, while Rescue One and its service providers shall exercise care in rendering the Service, nothing herein contained shall be construed or interpreted in any manner as providing the Subscribing Member or any third party with any guarantee or assurance of safety or prevention against loss, liability, injury or damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising.
  19. Rescue One shall not be liable to the Subscribing Member for consequential or direct or indirect damages, nor for any damages incurred by a Subscribing Member in any way associated with the Service, for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature sustained by the Subscribing Member and/or his/her vehicle's occupants as a result of the failure, for whatsoever reason, by Rescue One to render the Service in terms of This Agreement timeously or at all or as a result of the manner in which such Service may be rendered by Rescue One, or from any other cause whatsoever, including negligence, omission and willful default.
  20. Rescue One makes no warranties of any nature whatsoever nor accepts any responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever, for any claims, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the supply of the Service in any way.
  21. In the event that Rescue One does not receive payment for the Service, Rescue One reserves its rights to immediately cancel the Subscribing Member’s subscription to the Service and will then be entitled to refuse to provide the Service.
  22. Rescue One reserves the right to cancel a Subscribing Members’ Membership, if it becomes apparent that the Subscribing Member is abusing the Service, if the Subscribing Member is using the Service benefits fraudulently, if the Subscribing Members’ record of Service claims warrants such action or in circumstances deemed necessary by the Rescue One Board of Directors.
  23. Subscribing Member is only to use the service as listed during a twelve (12) month period, as listed under Section A & B, described in Annexure “A”. Call-out charges are charged at R650.00 per hour excluding Vat to a maximum of R15,000 per annum. Once the R15,000 limit per annum has depleted, all call-outs, charges and services will be charged to the Subscribing Member.
  24. ResQ1 vouchers are non-refundable once redeemed.
  25. Voucher services may not be transferred once a voucher is redeemed.

Annexure A - Scope of Service


An Armed Response Team will be dispatched when the Subscribing member is under duress during the following instances:

  1. The client’s vehicle has broken down and need assistance.
  2. The client has had an accident and are awaiting ambulance/SAPS and/or tow-in to arrive
  3. The client has fallen ill and have to pull off the road and require medical assistance.
  4. The client is being hi-jacked.
  5. The client’s vehicle has been stolen.
  6. The client feels threatened whilst travelling (being followed)
  7. The client is pulled off the road and they feel threatened or treated unfairly.


  1. An attempted break in at the residence and the subscribing member is under threat and they are unable to call SAPS, their neighborhood watch or their own private security company to which they are subscribed to.
  2. The client has fallen ill and requires medical assistance or an ambulance to be dispatched.


Should the Subscribing Member require an Armed Response Team to escort him/her from one destination to another destination. This must be arranged 24 - 48 hours before the trip is to commence. This service is not covered under the policy and will be invoiced separately by Rescue One.