Rescue One (Pty) Ltd on behalf of our clients, has taken the following measures based on The Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013 hereafter known as “POPI”.

POPI Compliancy

The POPI Act, No 4 of 2013 promotes the protection of personal information by public and private bodies.

As per the South Africa Government Gazetted Documentation:

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd hereby states that all information being stored follows the strict Principals of the POPI Act and all information is kept PRIVATE, SECURE and CONFIDENTIAL at all times.



Rescue One (Pty) Ltd has appointed a party who will be responsible for ensuring that the information protection principles within POPI and the controls that are in place to enforce them, are complied with. All of the Principles have been complied with to ensure compliance with the POPI Act.


Processing Limitation

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd has obtained and followed the lawfulness of processing and minimalizing of information collected, consent obtained, justification and objection, for the collection of personal information directly from the data subject.


Purpose Specification

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd has made clear that personal information is to be collected for a specific purpose and the data subject has been made aware of the purpose for which the personal information was collected.


Further Processing Limitation

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd will make sure that if another responsible party further processes personal information, such processing must be compatible with the purpose for which the information was collected in terms of PRINCIPLE 3


Information Quality

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information that has been collected is complete, accurate, not misleading and up to date.



Rescue One (Pty) Ltd will require that any other responsible party to be open about the collection of personal information by notifying Rescue One (Pty) Ltd if it is going to process personal information and, if personal information is going to be collected, the responsible party must take reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that the data subject has been made aware that his or her personal information is going to be collected.


Security Safeguards

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd has ensured that the integrity of the personal information in our control is secured through technical and organisational measures.


Data Subject Participation

Data subjects have the right to request that Rescue One (Pty) Ltd confirm whether it holds personal information about the data subject, and he or she may also request a description of such information.

Server Security

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd is proud to say that it has servers in Teraco ( and MTN Data Centres.

These servers sit in both physically and digitally secure locations and employ our strict guidelines:

  • Security: Biometric and dual authorization required to access servers, with supervised access.
  • Peace of mind: Redundancy and backup policies are in place to ensure there is always a failsafe.
  • Reliability: Guaranteed network performance, integrity and speed.

Information on these Servers can only be accessed by Rescue One (Pty) Ltd employees that have signed NDA’s (Non-disclosure Agreements) as well as received training for POPI Compliance so that they both understand the importance of Private Information and follow our strict security policies.


Rescue One (Pty) Ltd cannot be held responsible for procedures and policies of other parties using our systems.

It is the responsibility of any third party to adhere to the POPI Act in its entirety when using software that Rescue One (Pty) Ltd has developed.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for the use of any mobile, online, desktop or cloud-based service developed and maintained by Rescue One (Pty) Ltd. This document explains Rescue One’s policies for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

The internet is an amazing tool and resource. It has changed the way we live and operate on a daily basis. We pay our accounts, lookup information and follow news. This happens on a global scale.

Rescue one (Pty) Ltd sees the importance in ensuring that our users retain their privacy whilst taking the advantage of all services and features we offer in our applications. We understand that your privacy is important to you and thus it is important to us. So we will protect the information you share with us.

Protecting your information is achieved by following stringent procedures and policies that are in accordance with global standards and practice for customer information privacy and the protection of information.

Collection of Information

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd will, from time to time, ask you for your personal information. We collect information using different methods depending on the application / service you are using; this includes information provided by our providers / partners. When you register to use our services we may ask for personal information, this can include information such as, Your Email Address, ID Number, Gender etc.

With regard to credit card / debit card information your data will be processed and stored with our payment service providers who have their own privacy policies.

Protecting Your Information

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd makes use of and implements a host of security measures to ensure that your information is protected at all times. We enforce policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your information which are in line with the Protection of Private Information (POPI) Act.

Disclosing information to third parties

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your information to outside parties. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our applications, conducting our business or maintaining the high level of service we provide to you; as long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential.

Scope of policy

This policy is an online policy and applies only to information that we collect through online methods and not to information that we collect offline.


By making use of our applications / services you consent to this privacy policy.

Changes / Amendments

Rescue One (Pty) Ltd will, at times change this policy and post the latest version of this policy on our website: This policy was last modified on Tuesday, December 13, 2016