Welcome to ResQ1

As a subscriber to South Africa’s leading mobile eCall service, you can be assured of world class response in times of crisis at home and on the road. South Africans are not safe while stationary on our roads in case of a breakdown, even less so at night and early hours of the morning particularly in the Major Metropolitan areas.

Smart Guard from ResQ1 offers you a high availability armed response service that will come to your aid in the event of any emergency to deliver protection to you and your family while your crisis is resolved.

ResQ1’s eCall service also assists our clients with Paramedic response if required.

  ResQ1 is a nationwide 24x7 Service

What to do in case of emergency

Upon receiving your emergency call, ResQ1 will assess your situation and dispatch the nearest available unit to your location in cases where you believe your life is at risk.

Ground Security Team
Air Security Team
Call Centre


Our control room coordinates crisis response nationally out of Johannesburg.

Our personnel all have field experience gained from over 20 years in the stolen and hijacked vehicle recovery industry.

Over 600 tactically qualified armed response teams deliver professional intervention and guarding, assuring you of the best attention in times of duress.

Typical scenarios faced by motorists on our roads.

We urge our clients to advise us as soon as you have a breakdown, as you will receive top priority in terms of a response unit being dispatched to assist you.


  • Always travel with a charged cellphone.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient data & airtime before you travel anywhere
  • Always switch your location “ON” before you travel anywhere